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There are no many ex-powerlifters in economics, which gives me a unique perspective. Doing the math and doing a hard-core workout are the same things. Qualitatively it gives the same pleasure (you just feel good that you just pulled it off), and it takes exactly the same thing to achieve good results in both. And I think it is indicative of at least several things. First thing is that you can take the most horrible looking guy make him eat the proper food and exercise regularly and he will look good soon. Just like you can take a very stupid person who knows nothing about anything and make him a lot of math, let him have good sleep good, good food and very soon you will have someone who can be seen as very smart. In this sense, it is interesting to note that a PhD program in economics can only give you tools to tell a story, yet what kind of story to tell doesn’t go from a PhD training it comes from your personal unique perspectives on the life, from your life experience etc. It is close to a thing called instrumental bias which goes like that “when you have a tool everything becomes a nail”. Well, a PhD program gives you tools but it won’t give you the capacity to see many nails, you have to have some innate faculties to see them. This obscure analogy might need some extra comment. The PhD in economics training gives you frameworks, some structures to see things in a specific way and later you have to do your own original scientific work where you actually use those conventional frameworks in some unique settings or come up with the new framework which is consistent with the frameworks which were before; for the later you might even get a Nobel Prize. The last thing worse noting is that I do believe that mathematical training crowds out economics… from economics itself. It is just another manifestation of K level reasoning when it is individually rational to do something faster it is common to see the collapse of social structures, or a serious decrease of efficiency. (12). You see this in mall on weekend, when elevators are full and people prefer to go in even if the elevator goes in the opposite direction of where they need to go, they are afraid to be left out, loose the competition and it collapse the whole social deal that you let the elevator go when it goes in the wrong direction. You also see this on intersections during terrible traffic jams, people cross the intersect even when there no spot after crossing and this blocks the way for people that go in the perpendicular direction. The desire to be the one to get the limited resource by one collapse the system.

We as society rewards very young professors,  it is considered to be a good thing to be a young professor in economics. A prodigy we say. The problem with this approach is that people who go into economics know nothing about the world except some math. This feature is generally great in another science, such as pure math or theoretical physical (the object of study is seen by everyone), but it is detrimental for economics, for a social science (it takes knowing of humanity to see the object of study). Students don’t know anything about nothing, that explains why there so much economics paper which is complete crap. Reapplication of reapplication, just because it takes something else to say something meaningful. It is easy to say nothing and hide your nothingness behind the math training. Then don’t see anything about nothing. They just apply the skills which they got during their long training and they keep applying the same things over and over again. It this sense, I’m so happy to be not on America PhD program. It two years of training does not give you enough to produce something original, four years won’t make any difference.

Well, I wasn’t planning to write so much stuff it was actually meant to be a light introduction before I switch why this supplementation proper supplementation and proper nutrition is essential for effectively doing their research. Check this list. Also, I’m not a doctor and I myself very observant with any pills, I might take things once in a while, but I do not think that taking them forever makes sense. Do your own research to double check my claims.


Gives you energy. My life has become significantly better once I discovered it. Some life projects, e.g. PhD programs, requires that you work literally all day long, you do need energy for this.  I actually used these to recover after fluoroquinolone intoxication. There are lot of stuff on-line about MitoQ, but the point is that this is the first antioxidant that penetrates the mitochondrial barrier, vitamins C, A or E did not revolutionalize nothing exactly because they were unable to go to the most needed places. (good read)


Stress suppress neuroplasticity, the latter is the key to creativity and learning. (Cool quick read on creativity). Up to 30 years old your brain is very flexible and you learn stuff, after 30 you can only do what you learned earlier. It is a good thing because neuroplasticity is associated with changes in personality. I myself was very unhappy up until the late 20s, and anyone after carefully consideration would agree, this is exactly because of the experience (including knowledge) that you get affect your personality, one day you think this is good and this is bad, next day you think the opposite. Later in the life, we are fixed, we can’t change, we can’t learn. Well, there is a way to support neuroplasticity. But this is not why you might consider taking very small doses of Phenibut once in a while. The leading reason is that stress that kills your capacity to learn, it is superimportant if you are an international student and not only study material stress you out, but literally everything else, because it is so fucking difference and scary and when you change countries you are socially dead and you feel like crap all the time. Well, the point is if you are freaking out heaps you do need to help yourself with it. (About stress and why you don’t feel like youself, One how Phenibut works). There are some posts on-line about people overdosing with Phenibut, please don’t do it. It is stuff that messes with your brain, so please use it only up to a point that it helps you feel like yourself again and that you are able to sleep normally. This is as far as it has to go. It won’t be like in that movie Limitless, this is not how the world works.


I’ll start with about Germans. In the beginning of last century, Germans extendedly studied the physiology of torture. Later it was also a great time for them, having this peculiar outlook that other people are not really people allowed them to study extensively physiological changes under torture. The point is that when you put a dog into cold, poison them, causes electrical shock etc. exactly the same element is found in dog’s pee. It was a key to discovering Mildronate. Under stress of any kind be it physical or mental, you might experience blood, and oxigen. insufficiency. Mildonium is a very very close copy to gamma-butyrobetaine, which is a precursor of l-carnitine, which in turn carries fatty acids through mitochondrial membrane, so that those fatty acids could oxidize in the cell and produce energy. When there are no oxygen cells can’t generate energy out of fatty acids, so that they simply amass inside the cells. Once again, your cells are full of underoxidized fatty acids (not enough oxygen) and they simply stay in the cell. Fatty acids activated by l-carnitine look very close to a detergent, or a soap. And since all cells membranes consist of lipids, or fatty based, they dissolve and cell simply dies. So meldonium slows down biosystem of l-carnitine so that the lack of oxygen won’t destroy the cell. (How meldonium works). Ok, why is then FDA has not approved this wonderful thing. It is simply because of lobby. FDA approved only the most expensive treatment protocols and use science to make it look good.  No companies produce this stuff in USA, or other English speaking countries that have a lobbying capacity. Yet tonnes of companies sell l-carnitine. American scientists did not appreciate the complexity of the process. In fact, for a very long while Americans thought that gamma-butyrobetaine  is toxic, btw that is what was found in the dog’s pee. Essentially there are two camps, one camp says that you have to eat of l-carnitine no matter what and it is very good for you, because of increased energy production, another camp says that l-carnitine is a good only up to the point when you have enough exogen after that l-carnitine is harmful. I can tell from my own experience that this is true, I overdosed with l-carnitine following English speakers, it had a bad effect of me. Meldonium in the end forces body to produce energy out of sugar, not fat, and when we use carbs for energy we economise on oxygen, it is not involved in the process. As the result, your body decrease a concentration of l-carnitine and process of transferring fatty acids through membrans. This slowing down is very important during oxygen deficiency, because during this period fatty acids do not fully oxidate, and intermediate harmful products, such as acylcarnitine, smass in the cell and block ATP to organelle. That was very long and very annoying. I had to say all of it because if you speak only English and use google you will find some complete nonsense about mildonium. It is safe to take for years…

a lil belated update: these two reads are way better than mine: 1, 2. Glucose utilisation is increased… and your brain works better… hm.

Magnesium l-threonate

Just a form of Magnesium that is proven to significantly improve memory… in rats. This form of magnesium penetrates tissue and go into spinal fluid and brain. Normally most of magnesium leaves you body with stool and, in fact, causes diarrhea. (Why is it so great again).


This puts an argument very nicely. The point is you got to eat healthy and keep your stomach healthy. Because it is your second brain. And I liked Ulcetrol, but I’m also eating superhealth and eat probiotics, which confounds my expirience.


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