About the Writer

Shortly about me
A solid academic background, with degrees from European, North American and Australian universities, as well as industry and military experience. Passionate about science and teaching. Hobby is writing science fiction and growing my own vegetable.

Research focus
My area is applied microeconomics and microeconometrics.

At UTS, which I joined three years ago as a PhD candidate, I have started (and never finished) a policy analysis empirical paper on the introduction of centralized college admission in Russia that was aimed at minimizing the state capture (e.g. bribes).

It has turned out, that a competing group of European scientists with closely related research questions have published their paper earlier than me.

Nonetheless, my empirical analysis has inspired a novel application of an auction theory that captures a decrease in a sorting quality under centralized college admission due to test preparation practices.

Using the same data, I also discovered an unusual transitory wage differential and have a paper that features a  model that explains it.

Currently, I have return to my original research interest: corruption. I’m working on an empirical paper about an unlawful application of counter-terroristic legislation by the police.

P.S. This is Vova and I bet you never met anyone as amazing as him. We both like to collect berries and grow vegetable. He was born on the 4 of June.

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some funny Russian letters: йцшдэ